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Reviewed by Dick van der Heijde (Courtesy of Rob Hanemaayer)

The debut CD of the Italian Periferia Del Mondo was a nice album with inspired seventies prog. So I was very curious when I got sent “Un milione di voci”, their second album. After listening several times I have to say that it is a little disappointing. In less than an hour you get to hear 14 songs and that is what is the problem. Often a song is more a fragment rather than a real composition. Right from the start it goes wrong. The percussive key intro leads nowhere and just when you expect the band to join in it is turned down. The moderate “Percezioni Della Memoria” is mainly a busy sax theme. It is not  very long. Imagine is no more than a 39 second long sustained key chord. Also the key orientated “Di foglie e di acqua” contains a meaningless piece of organ kindergarten work. More often there are these kind of solo spots on this album. Max G.B. Tommasi shows his ability on acoustic guitar and there is a little piece of clarinet work and a.o. piano. Not that these are bad or anything, but they rather slow the album down. Luckily we also find good tracks like on the debut album. The 9 minutes “Un borghese piccolo piccolo” is, also because of the relax part with swelling guitar, the climax of the album. The solo’s on guitar and violin contribute thereto also. “Incanti e perplessità” and “EvaLunA” are up-tempo. Especially the IQ-like “EvaLunA” has a good groove. Also “Can stop” and the title-track belong to the better songs. Herein PDM shows who have influenced the band. That must undoubtedly have been Caravan and Gentle Giant. Juicy organ play, fiery violin en especially the passionate singing leave nothing to be questioned. The last song, “Io brucio” has a strong finale with wah wah guitar and a violin piece that would not have been ill suited on Caravan’s For Girls. Yes, the band can really do it. It would have been better if PDM had gone to the studio a year later and thus compose a little more and refine their numbers. It would definitely have been beneficial to “Un milione di voci” now there are too many fillings.

Dick van der Heijde